Conservative Texans for Charitable Bingo

Who We Are

Conservative Texans for Charitable Bingo is a non-profit group of Texas charities and supporters who believe in helping fund local charity needs through the game of bingo as regulated by the state. More than 900 charities across Texas raise money for children, veterans, education, fine arts, special needs citizens, and more. Total Charitable proceeds for the people of Texas now exceeds more than $1 billion dollars.

Why we believe Charitable Bingo is a Conservative Idea

We believe local communities should take care of those less fortunate in their communities through fund raising activities. Many people give their time and talents to help charitable causes, but raising funds for local charity needs cannot be done alone thru bake sales and raffles. They simply do not raise enough money for the needs in a community. Taxpayers cannot support all of the needs in a community, and government should be limited to it’s constitutional responsibilities. Government has a role to play, but cannot pay for all of the needs of it’s citizens thru higher taxes and more entitlements. We believe it’s a conservative idea for communities to take care of their own local needs through this volunteer game of bingo instead of more government and higher taxes. Everyone wins in bingo, local charities, players, business, and even government through taxes it receives, reduction in social spending, and more money in the local economy.

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